About Jack

Rainbow, Sun & a Photographer - Sundowners in GilGil by Douglas Brain


Hi. My name is Jack Regnart - I have a passion for photography, mainly concentrating on landscape & wildlife. I spend most of my time in Naivasha, Kenya with another artist you should check out and use my time capturing moments from the edge of the garden on the shores of Lake Naivasha, to the farthest reaches of the Rift Valley and beyond.

I have also started scanning and recording old film & slides developed in the early 20th century by various ancestors from both sides of my family. You can see the results on Instagram and the blog Century of Photography

Software Engineer

I am also an experienced Software Engineer specialising in Ruby applications, and also have a deep understanding of front-end javascript. Beginning my career with the startup aTech Media I left to concentrate on my own products and have worked with many different clients including Barclays - working on global asset management, Visa, and the Wellcome Trust where I contributed to a publication in the Oxford Journal Nucleic Acids Research with the High Throughput Gene Targeting (or HTGT) team.

You can read my blog here at blog.jackregnart.com.

I also have a keen interest in hardware and enjoy prototyping with Arduino’s and the RaspberryPi - lately the Brck if they ever get around to fixing it - you can see me go about my day here on my Arduino GPS tracker app if you have a penchant for stalking.

At ‘Lake House’ out in Kenya we have a tendency to get out of hand when cooking, the supermarket is quite a way a way as a result a lot of the recipes get posted on our new food blog found at recipes.jackregnart.com - we make most of our food from scratch with the help of the garden and the local farm.